Reasons You Smell Something Bad in Your Bathroom

Clogged Drain

Whenever you’re washing your hair and start noticing the water in the tub is clearing up slower that means the drains is probably clogged. Most of the time it happens due to a build-up of fat in the pipes. When we rinse fat from bathroom product down the drain, it’s normally liquid but ends up hardening and blocking pipes. This chemical that sits years and years in your pipe cause a bad smell.

Most people use another chemical to dissolve this problem. This harsh chemical may clear the clog but this also can damage the pipe. There is another way to clearing up clogged pipe using a tool called a snake. It’s called snake because it has a wire that goes inside pipe physically breaking the problem. The wire able bend so it can reach to any shape, with twisting motion it can easily hook any material like hair, hardening soap, dead animal, etc.


Dry pipes

Your toilet bowl probably has water in it and that is the result of the water preventing foul gases from sewage system to enter your bathroom. Your toilet has something called P-Tray. When the water in the P-Tray dries out, the sewer gases enter into your bathroom. which is this is the reason your bathrooms produces bad smells. You just need to pour some down the pipes or just run the faucet a while. This attempt should eliminate the problem.


Cracked pipes

A little crack in the drainage can generate dirty water and sewer gases into that bathroom of yours. If the pipe exposed, you can temporarily fix it using epoxy clay. Work a little quantity of adhesive in the hands before you apply it into the crack, push the epoxy close to the crack to make certain that it protects the break totally. Allow it harder for a while before using the pipe. There is also a tool like a clamp but you need plastic or rubber patch and electrical tape. You should also ensure that you dry the area as thoroughly as possible. Wrap the crack with plastic or rubber patch then secure it with electrical tape and finally use the clamp to make it more secure. If you don’t have any tools mentioned above, duct tape quickly becomes a solution. Dry the cracked area and wrap it several times until you create a tight seal. This is unfortunately not a permanent solution, this is not a problem that you can fix by yourself. fixing cracked pipes need help from a professional plumber. Not all leaks are visible but you can find out if your pipe leaking with a few drops of food colouring. Put it in the water on the toilet bowl, flush it and see if colour appears on your toilet floor.

If those problem doesn’t occur yet to your home bathroom, you probably need to try some preventive act. Here’s a quick solution; mix a tablespoon amount of baking soda with water and just spray it into the toilet bowl, inside faucet and drainage. Baking soda help to prevent clogging. It can also reduce the smell of dirty water. Bonus, it also helps to reduce the amount of bacteria growth.


 If the bad odour does not seem to go away, you are strongly advised to call in for a professional to fix your bathroom once and for all. Try to get in touch with a reliable team of experts like at Local Hills District Plumbers to  provide you with the best solution when it comes to all your plumbing needs, including bad odour in your bathroom

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